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Laser hair removal

The most common request we get is for Laser Hair Removal in doing so, I have researched all the technology available for this and decided on the Icon Laser and IPL Platform.

This first platform allows us to do many things one of which is hair reduction.  Hair reduction can be achieved in darker haired individuals through intense photo dynamic light therapy.  This has been proven to be very effective and can be done with minimal discomfort to our patients in a quick outpatient setting.  Most patients with darker hair will require anywhere between 1 to 3 treatments and touch up work as necessary.  We pride ourselves in doing these therapies and taking the time needed to focus on your individuality, unlike a laser mills that you might find out of town.  We offer a professional medical setting making your comfort the number one objective along with excellent results!

We have invested in the technology that will give the best results with the fewest number of treatments and the lease discomfort to our patients!

If you have had problem areas with unwanted hair, please give us a call 661.447.4559 to schedule a free consultation.