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Orbera™ Gastric Balloon

This is the newest and maybe one of the most exciting weight loss solutions to date. It focuses on developing long-term, long-lasting healthy choices and habits. A balloon is placed in your stomach for six months to help with portion control, then it is removed. You are placed on a program to encourage you to continue what your body has learned during the six months of placement. This minimally invasive procedure encourages positive changes in your lifestyle to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Rapidly becoming the most commonly performed weight loss surgery in the US, the sleeve gastrectomy involves removing between 50-80% of the stretchy portion of one’s stomach. This leaves a new stomach about the size and shape of a banana! The rest of the intestinal tract is not rearranged and digestion carries on almost normally, unlike malabsorptive surgeries like the gastric bypass and duodenal switch. This reduces the possibility of long term vitamin and mineral deficiencies and yet limits the amount of food your stomach can hold, and removes most of the part of the stomach that makes us hungry. This leaves one less hungry overall, and satisfied with only a small healthy meal, with the least amount of side effects if any. The Sleeve Gastrectomy is beautiful in is simplicity and powerful in its effectiveness.

Gastric Bypass

In many respects, the Gastric Bypass is considered the “gold standard” in weight loss surgery. With a known excellent safety profile and very durable results, the bypass has been performed for well over 40 years and has shown its value in reversing diabetes and getting rapid results. First the stomach is separated into a small pouch about the size of a large egg. Then the intestine is divided a few feet down and one end is attached to the new stomach and the other end back to itself, creating the “Y” in Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. This limits the amount of food one feels full with and decreases hunger. Also a small amount of malabsorption limits the calories one can absorb. The Gastric Bypass is the most powerful of the operations we offer. With that increased power there are also more side effects.  Therefore it is more important that anyone getting this surgery stick closely to an appropriate diet and vitamin regimen for the best results and least problems afterwards.

Lap Band

The Gastric Lap Band was introduced over a decade ago and was becoming very popular until the Gastric Sleeve was introduced. This procedure involves placing a silicone band around the top part of the stomach. The band has a balloon system attached to a port which resides under the abdominal skin. Inflating the balloon with saline allows us to tighten the band allowing less food to pass through, causing people to feel fuller with a smaller amount of food. After the food slowly passes to the rest of the stomach, digestion carries on unchanged from the normal. Weight loss with the Band is more gradual than with other options. The band also does require constant vigilance and maintenance for optimal results. This is the least invasive of all the options and is ideal for patients who don’t want a more invasive or permanent solution.

Revisional Surgery

Sometimes even the most skilled surgeon’s results are not optimal. Whether a previous weight loss surgery has failed because of technical or other reasons, a revision of the surgery or conversion to a different type of surgery may be helpful in finally achieving success. We offer revisional surgery on our patients and those who have had surgery elsewhere on an individualized basis. These surgeries require a great deal of counseling and expertise. If you have had a previous weight loss surgery and have not seen the results you expected, schedule a consultation and see if a revision is right for you.