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TempSure Skin Tightening


Radio frequency skin tightening involves heating the skin to a temperature that stimulates new collagen.  Once the dermis or the deeper layer of the skin has been heated enough it causes low level damage that stimulates new collagen formation.  However, you need to be able to get up to the proper temperature to achieve this function.

Most radio frequency devices are not effective while using external temperature measurements because they can be extremely inaccurate; We have invested in top of the line technology with the TempSure and able to eliminate these inaccurate readings providing you with the right temperature for the best results in less time.  This device allows us to check the temperature of the tissues in real time allowing us to make sure that we get the proper temperature with each treatment.  Once we’ve achieved proper temperature you’re getting the treatment you desire.  At the proper temperature the collagen is being remodeled so that in several weeks new collagen will be formed resulting in tightening of the skin and filling in of wrinkles and pulling away excess skin.  At a high enough temperature fat cells also can be destroyed leading to some fat loss though this is not the primary end desired effect, but a bonus!  This technology assures that the temperatures we are achieving are effective temperatures for the treatment and making sure that you are getting the results you want in the time that you expect.  In fact, the technology allows us to start measuring time when we reach the appropriate temperature that is required for effective treatment.

The treatments are done in the office under local anesthesia.  It is completely non-invasive, but we offer special comfort measures to make your experience pain free and usually takes less than your lunch hour.  With minimal downtime patients are essentially back to work and living a normal life within an hour after treatment.

Call us for more information about TempSure Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and how we can make you look younger and feel better.