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Reasons Your Skin Is So Rough

You’ve just sunk money into the latest moisturizer that everyone raves about, slathering your skin with tender care and hopeful anticipation, but you still sport rough patches that no amount of cream seems to soften. 

Rough skin is frustrating, embarrassing, and uncomfortable. 

Until you determine the root cause of your scaly, flaky, dry skin, it’ll keep plaguing you. This is where Dr. Nirav Naik earns his reputation as a top-notch diagnostician and skin care expert. 

At New Life Aesthetics in Bakersfield, California, Dr. Naik treats all kinds of skin conditions, from sagging jowls to sunsets and wrinkles. He can even solve your persistent rough skin problem — here’s how.

The common culprits behind rough skin

Before Dr. Naik recommends a treatment, he investigates your condition to determine the root cause — different culprits require different approaches. 

Genetic skin conditions

Genetics dictate your skin health, and there’s no getting around the hand of cards it deals. Your genetic deck could include eczema, psoriasis, or simply a predisposition to dryness. Understanding this aspect helps you manage your expectations, avoid unnecessary frustration, and seek the appropriate treatments.

Aging skin

Over time, your body’s natural production of oil and collagen decreases, yielding thinner, less elastic, and potentially rougher skin. Your cells’ renewal process also slows down, allowing old skin to linger longer on the surface. 

Seasonal dry spells

Although Bakersfield is mostly sunny all year, we still have humidity spikes and dips. You might not notice it happening, but as the humidity drops, so does your skin’s moisture. It’s environmental, it’s elemental, and unless you live in a bubble, it’s inevitable. 

The good news is that this variety of rough skin is often temporary, and you can combat it with a little extra TLC, like regular exfoliation and hydration treatments.

Your skin care routine

You’ve spent countless hours delving into the rabbit holes of skin care advice — double cleansing here, serum layering there, bubbling and toning, oh my! 

But, as with any meticulous process, a misstep can lead to less-than-ideal results. Over-exfoliation, the wrong products for your skin type, or neglect can land you right back at the beginning — with sandpaper-like skin.

Allergens and irritants 

Not all so-called skin care creams are as friendly as they seem. Beauty products can harbor rogue ingredients that your skin detests. Some simply irritate sensitive skin, and others are outright enemies.

It takes some detective work to determine which components your skin loves and hates, but the road ahead is smoother once you do.

Laser-precision solutions

When the frustrations of rough skin rise beyond the medicated creams and DIY pampering, it might be time to consider a more targeted response. 

Dr. Naik often recommends the innovative skin resurfacing Icon® laser treatment from CynoSure®. This system offers a noninvasive path to skin rejuvenation, addressing roughness at its source with unparalleled precision and effectiveness.

This cutting-edge laser technology delivers light energy into your skin, stimulating collagen production and encouraging cell renewal. It’s not merely about smoothing over the issue but rather prompting your skin to restore itself.

The Icon treatment process

During your Icon session, Dr. Naik directs the laser energy at your rough skin areas. You may experience a brief bout of tingling, but it’s a mild sensation that most of our patients say feels like the snap of a rubber band.

Icon skin resurfacing results and timeline

Patience is vital when it comes to skin rejuvenation. While you might notice an immediate glow post-treatment, the actual effects of the Icon laser system unfold gradually as your skin cycles through its renewal phases. Dr. Naik usually recommends multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart.

Post-Icon care

After your session, you should treat your skin with kindness and protect it from the sun. Following Dr. Naik’s personalized aftercare routine is the best way to ensure stunning results and a safe experience.

Long-term smoothness

The beauty of the Icon laser is its capability to offer lasting results. Addressing your rough skin’s root causes gives you a better chance of finding a more comprehensive solution than quick-fix treatments. 

However, keeping your skin beautifully smooth with Icon treatments requires consistency. Periodic maintenance sessions help preserve your skin’s softness, effectively hitting the reset button to keep roughness at bay.

Kick your rough skin to the curb for good. Call New Life Aesthetics today.

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