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    Learn About Our SurgeonsOur practice specializes in building long lasting relationships with our patients.Learn More
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    See Their SuccessRead our patient testimonials & hear what they are saying about their New Life.Learn More
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    Weight Loss Surgery For Men

    Check our proceduresMore information on men and weight loss surgery.Learn More
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    See How We Can Help

    What's my next step?2 simple steps to start your New Life today.Learn More
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    Heartburn Attacks

    We have the solution!The new LINX procedure is the best option we offer for your heartburn problems.Learn More
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    Hemorrhoid Help

    Let us take care of you!Sometimes it's hard to talk about your problem, we can help and you will ask yourself why you didn't come in sooner!Learn More

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Solutions to Choose From

We have various solutions to choose from when it comes to surgical weight loss. The Doctor will meet with you and discuss all the steps to your new life.

This is the newest and maybe one of the most exciting weight loss solutions to date. It focuses on developing long-term, long-lasting healthy choices and habits. A balloon is placed in your stomach for six months to help with portion control, then it is removed.

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Rapidly becoming the most commonly performed weight loss surgery in the US, the sleeve gastrectomy involves removing between 50-80% of the stretchy portion of one’s stomach. This leaves a new stomach about the size and shape of a banana!

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In many respects, the Gastric Bypass is considered the “gold standard” in weight loss surgery. With a known excellent safety profile and very durable results, the bypass has been performed for well over 40 years and has shown its value in reversing diabetes and getting rapid results.

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The Gastric Lap Band was introduced over a decade ago and was becoming very popular until the Gastric Sleeve was introduced. This procedure involves placing a silicone band around the top part of the stomach.

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Sometimes even the most skilled surgeon’s results are not optimal. Whether a previous weight loss surgery has failed because of technical or other reasons, a revision of the surgery or conversion to a different type of surgery may be helpful in finally achieving success.

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