Are You a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

You’ve spent hours scrolling through social media wondering just how models or maybe some of your own friends are getting their smooth bikini lines, shimmering legs, and bare underarms. One glance at your armpit stubble has you begging to be let in on the secret everyone else seems to know. 

At New Life Aesthetics, Dr. Nirav Naik and our experienced staff are happy to share the secret of flawless, hairless skin: laser hair removal

The basics of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal sounds straightforward, but the technology is far from simple. We use the state-of-the-art Icon®️ laser system, which employs a series of medical-grade lasers to address your worst hair issues. 

This system also includes the Skintel®️ melanin reader — which helps us and the machine detect the difference between skin and hair much more accurately — and a cooling system to keep you comfortable for the duration of your session. 

The procedure

When you arrive for your treatment, you recline comfortably and put on a pair of protective goggles. We slide a handheld device across the treatment area , and a blast of light and laser energy targets your hair follicles, destroying them and making it very difficult for a replacement hair to regrow.

The procedure doesn’t take more than an hour depending on how large the area you wanted to be treated is. It’s also virtually painless — most of our patients report a warming or snapping sensation as the laser zaps their hair. 

The process

The whole point of laser hair removal is permanent hair removal. While it can take 4-6 treatments to achieve the results you want, you notice less or even thinner hair returning after your first treatment. We discuss your goals and help you determine how many treatments you need. 

Before you arrive, avoid plucking or waxing; after you leave, avoid sun exposure. Your skin may feel sunburnt after your session, but conservative pain management methods like ice packs and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications have you feeling back to normal in a few days.  

Is laser hair removal for everyone?

There’s no simple answer. A consultation with Dr. Naik determines whether laser hair removal treatment is right for you. Here are a few reasons why it might be a good option for your hair problems:

You’re tired of traditional methods

You’ve no doubt tried every method under the sun to get rid of your unwanted hair. Shaving only trims the visible hair shaft, and waxing only removes the hair for a certain amount of time. 

If your greatest concern is dealing with hair that keeps growing back, battling painful razor burn, or wanting an alternative to forcibly ripping hair out by its roots with hot wax, consider laser hair removal. 

You know your problem zones

Laser hair removal works best on the darkest or most coarse hairs on your body. If your legs, bikini line, arms, upper lip, and underarms are giving you the most trouble, laser hair removal could be your best option for permanent hair reduction. 

You have the right pigment

The lasers are attracted to the pigment in your hair follicles, so it works best on hair that’s darker, especially hair that’s darker than the surrounding skin. While it’s not impossible, it can be more difficult for laser hair removal to work if you have extremely fair, white, or red hair.

Our advanced laser system can handle almost any skin and hair color. Start with a consultation with us to find out if your hair color is likely to respond well to laser treatment. 

So put down that razor and cancel your next waxing appointment because your days of painful and ineffective hair removal are over. If you’d like more information or would like to request a consultation to get started, call our office or schedule an appointment online.

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