Give Yourself a Complete Skin Makeover With the Go 4 It System

Your skin is one of the first things other people notice about you, and if you ask anyone, they’re probably dissatisfied with some perceived imperfection on their skin. For example, 50 million Americans struggle with acne. Concerns about wrinkles have led to a rising trend of preventive wrinkle treatments, ranging from anti-wrinkle creams to Botox®, in men and women in their 20s.

So, if you’re concerned about the appearance of your skin, you’re not alone. And you don’t have to live with those skin concerns. Here at New Life Medical & Aesthetics, in Bakersfield, California, we offer the customizable Go 4 It skin makeover to help you get the beautiful, glowing complexion you’ve always wanted. 

What is the Go 4 It system?

The Go 4 It skin makeover system combines custom-selected, state-of-the-art skin care treatments to address all of your skin issues. Some of the procedures available in the Go 4 It system include:

IPL blemish reduction 

We offer IPL photofacials to address a variety of skin concerns, including acne, superficial skin vessels, and other blemishes. During the treatment, we send pulses of different wavelengths of light into your skin — IPL stands for intense pulsed light. As the light penetrates the second layer of skin, it converts to heat and breaks up excess pigmentation while stimulating collagen and elastin production. 

Laser resurfacing 

Our expert aestheticians use the innovative Icon® system made by Cynosure for laser skin resurfacing. If you’re concerned about rough texture, fine lines, and discoloration, skin resurfacing triggers a deep exfoliation of your skin that makes your old, damaged skin peel away to reveal the fresh, youthful skin beneath. 

Radiofrequency skin tightening 

Loose, crepey skin is another sign of aging that troubles many of our patients. Fortunately, we offer TempSure® skin tightening treatments to boost collagen and elastin production and plump your skin from within. TempSure uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deeper layers of your skin to stimulate new cell development.

What happens during Go 4 It skin makeovers?

We begin with a thorough skin consultation, discussing your skin concerns and studying your skin carefully with a bright light and magnification. We also talk about your skin care routine and lifestyle. Based on the condition of your skin and your specific concerns, we create a Go 4 It skin makeover plan just for you.

The Go 4 It system can give you the glowing, youthful complexion you’ve always wanted by getting rid of skin imperfections such as:

Most treatments require a series of appointments to achieve optimal results. After your initial Go 4 It skin makeover is complete, you may opt to have routine touch up appointments to maintain your appearance.

What are the benefits of the Go 4 It skin makeover system?

Not only does the Go 4 It skin makeover system address a wide range of skin imperfections, but none of the treatments require any downtime to recover. You should take extra care to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen following treatment, however, as many of the procedures can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. 

Call us today or schedule a consultation online to learn more about the Go 4 It skin makeover system and discover how we can help you look your best.

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