Is 3 FOR ME Right For You?

From wrinkles and spots to scars and sags, your skin tells your whole life story at a glance — tales of time spent in the sun, all about your past acne, and just how many birthday candles you’re blowing out these days. 

The good news is that you can keep your age and your past a secret by taking advantage of the myriad aesthetic treatments available. The trouble is that there are so many options that treat different issues it’s a challenge to narrow it down to just one.

That’s why we offer 3 FOR ME at New Life Aesthetics in Bakersfield, California. Led by Dr. Nirav Naik, our team administers three of our most popular treatments in a single session to address multiple skin concerns at the same time. We can help you decide if it’s right for you.

3 FOR ME reduces your spots and hyperpigmentation

Over time, the sun’s harmful UV rays do a number on your skin. Even short exposures to sunlight agitate the melatonin (pigment) in your skin and leave their mark in the form of freckles or their larger cousins, sunspots. 

Melasma appears as a brown or grayish patch of skin, typically on your face. It can result from and is exacerbated by sun exposure. Hormone fluctuations that occur during pregnancy can also trigger the condition.

We make all of those spots, blotches, and blemishes disappear with the Icon®️ system. This fractional laser technology uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to penetrate the layers of your skin and target the clumps of melanin using the Skintel®️ melanin reader to precisely identify and neutralize unwanted pigmentation.

Your skin stays cool and safe while the light goes to work beneath the surface, quickly and painlessly.

3 FOR ME banishes your minor vein problems

Veins are great for transporting blood throughout your body, but they aren’t very attractive. When they become damaged or dilated, they create a network of blue and red lines you can see through your skin. 

The damage can be due to faulty valves that allow blood to back up and pool in one area can enlarge the veins, especially in your legs. Or it can happen simply because your small blood vessels and capillaries dilate and become visible due to sun exposure, alcohol consumption, genetics, rosacea, hormones, or even weather changes. 

Lasers can take care of those spider veins and broken capillaries. A handheld device emits light energy that seeks out the red and blue hues in the veins close to the surface of your skin and destroys them. Your body naturally redirects the blood flow to other veins and eventually flushes away the old dead vein tissue.

3 FOR ME smooths out wrinkles and texture issues

One of the first signs of aging skin is the dull, lifeless texture that replaces your once dewy complexion. Then you see tiny little wrinkles where they didn’t exist before. 

Moisturizers are just a temporary fix for dry, wrinkly skin. What you really need is something to replace the collagen and elastin proteins you began losing around age 20. To do that, we again turn to the Icon laser system to resurface your skin

During skin resurfacing, the laser energy lifts off the uppermost layer of your skin and all of the wrinkles and dead cells that live in it. You’re left with a new fresh layer of skin and a clean slate to show the world.

When do I see my new skin?

After your 3 FOR ME treatment, you may have some minor pinkness and puffiness, but it generally subsides within a few hours. Afterward, you’re free to go about your day without any downtime, but you should avoid sun exposure for a while.

Over the new few weeks, the longer-term effects start to show up as the collagen production kicks in and plumps up your skin and the new surface cells regenerate and give you a brighter, fresher complexion. 

And if loose, sagging skin is also a concern, we can add skin tightening to your package with our GO 4 IT treatment, which includes all of the above treatments, plus the advanced radiofrequency technology of TempSure®️ Envi, which amps up collagen production and reduces the look of droopy, crepey skin.

If you’re looking for ways to fight the aging process, don’t limit yourself. Call or click to set up an appointment and get started on your new look with the team at New Life Aesthetics.

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