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Reasons to Choose Botox® and Fillers Over a Face-Lift

Reasons to Choose Botox® and Fillers Over a Face-Lift

You’ve watched your wrinkles go from barely-there lines to full-fledged crevices, and the time has come to take action. Before you start researching plastic surgeons, take a few moments to consider a safer and quicker but highly effective alternative.

Dr. Nirav Naik at New Life Aesthetics in Bakersfield, California, can give you face-lift-like results without going under the knife. Botox® and fillers can delay or eliminate the need for a surgical face-lift, especially if you start early. Here are the top reasons to opt for injectables over surgery. 

Botox, Fillers, and face-lifts at a glance

When your face shows signs of aging — those lines and wrinkles on your cheeks and forehead — you may be looking for a treatment to rejuvenate your skin and restore its smooth texture. You have several options, from topical creams and serums to facial surgery and a few choices in between. 

Here’s a look at three popular treatments and how they compare.


Botox has become a household term thanks to its skyrocketing popularity and proven track record. Every year, more than 5 million women and men get Botox treatments to smooth dynamic wrinkles — those caused by years of making facial expressions. 

Dr. Naik injects the formula into the underlying muscles to relax them and prevent the contractions that crease your skin. One treatment makes a remarkable (but temporary) difference, and multiple treatments can retrain your muscles and keep your skin smoother for longer. 


Another type of injectable treatment, dermal fillers do just what their name promises — they fill in your skin and replace lost volume due to fat and collagen loss. 

Dr. Naik offers several brands because they contain slightly different formulas that address various problems. Using fillers, we can plump up your hollow cheeks, restore your pouty lips, and eliminate that crepey texture in your skin. 


A face-lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin, attaches muscles to new locations, and tightens skin by anchoring it with sutures. The results are dramatic and permanent.

Why Botox and fillers may be better than a face-lift

A face-lift may be the best solution for advanced aging with severe skin laxity. However, you don't need surgery if you’re just starting to see fine lines and wrinkles and want to stop them before they deepen. Consider the following reasons our patients give for choosing Botox and dermal fillers over a face-lift.

1. The changes with injectables are natural and subtle

A surgical face-lift can eliminate sagging jowls, neck wattles, and drooping brows. It can also add implants to reshape your cheekbones and give you a completely new profile. 

But if you want to look like you, only better, Botox and fillers are the way to go. Injectables aim to smooth your skin by relaxing your muscles and restoring lost volume, so your results are realistic and discreet.

2. Botox and fillers don’t hurt

A face-lift is a surgical procedure, and surgery hurts. Although you’re under general anesthesia during the operation, it requires incisions, tissue removal, manipulation of muscles and fat, and sutures. 

With Botox and fillers, we numb your skin before inserting the ultrafine needles into the target area. There’s no trauma or pain, so you can return to your daily routine when you leave our office.

3. You don’t have to take time off for recovery with injectables

All surgeries require downtime. Depending on the extent of your face-lift, you can expect to be in rest mode for a week and off of work for two weeks. The bruising and swelling last at least a month and sometimes much longer.

Our patients love Botox and fillers because they can come in on their lunch break and go straight back to work or everyday tasks without missing a beat. 

4. Botox and fillers can help you prevent wrinkles

Surgical face-lifts are suited for people with advanced signs of aging, but Botox and fillers are great at any stage of life. You can even use them to preempt wrinkles and stop them before they start.

5. Injectables are more budget-friendly than a face-lift

Face-lifts, Botox, and fillers are all cosmetic procedures, which means they are elective treatments and insurance doesn’t pay for them — that makes cost a significant issue. Botox and fillers are more affordable than a surgical face-lift, so if money matters, your choice is clear. 

To learn more about Botox and fillers and how Dr. Naik can rejuvenate your face with these remarkable injectables, call New Life Aesthetics. We’re happy to answer your questions and put together a treatment plan you’ll love.

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