The sugar industry funded one of the biggest misconceptions in modern nutrition

It is well-noted in the field bariatric medicine and surgery that a low-carbohydrate diet is ideal for weight loss and maintenance of healthy weight, as well treatment and prevention of some weight related comorbidities, such as diabetes and high cholesterol.  This recommendation however has not always been agreed upon throughout the entire medical community, nor among everyone working in the field of nutrition.

It is unfortunate that for over half a century, false information brought about by an industry’s concern for profitability has been allowed to so strongly influence public policy on dietary habits. The low-fat diet paradigm that resulted in increased sugar intake has without a doubt caused long-term harm and suffering to a vast number of people, as evidenced by today’s obesity epidemic.

As more truth about this subject and nutrition as a whole is uncovered in the near future, we will hopefully all be able to more easily discern what it means to eat well and live healthier lives.

——– Dr. Cyrus Moon MD

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