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Why You Should Only Let a Licensed Physician Administer Cosmetic Injectables

Why You Should Only Let a Licensed Physician Administer Cosmetic Injectables

When it comes to quick, easy, and effective anti-aging treatments, nothing beats injectables. Whether you opt for a neurotoxin like Botox® or choose one of the many brands of dermal fillers, you can get them done almost anywhere these days. But that doesn’t mean you should.

Every state has laws governing the administration of these revolutionary injectables, and none is more strict than California’s. At New Life Aesthetics in Bakersfield, Dr. Nirav Naik is a premier physician fully qualified to administer Botox and filler treatments. His experience and skill matter — here’s why.

It’s the law

Here in the Golden State, the only ones legally certified to inject Botox and dermal fillers are licensed medical professionals, such as Dr. Naik. If you go to a spa, even a medspa that offers to inject neurotoxins or dermal fillers, but there’s no medical professional present, walk away. Estheticians, by law, may not use any needles that penetrate below your outer layer of skin, called the epidermis.

It takes more than a license

Don’t let the seeming ease and speed of the treatment fool you. To get amazing results every time, the administrator needs to have a deep understanding of facial anatomy and physiology. Administering these injectables takes a deft hand and an artistic eye to create a balanced aesthetic effect — and Dr. Naik has what it takes.

It’s about more than needle placement

When you come in for your injectables, you’re in and out within 20 minutes, but before your first needle stick, Dr. Naik has used his extensive education and vast experience to make some very important decisions related to your health and the outcome of your treatment, starting with determining whether you’re a good candidate for the injections you want. Then he:

Every face is different, which means every injectable treatment is different. Those without medical experience may offer a one-size-fits-all treatment that could leave you sorry you went there.

It’s a medical treatment

Perhaps because Botox and fillers have become household terms, or maybe because they’re offered in so many establishments (even when they shouldn’t be), these treatments seem to give people the impression that they’re no riskier than a traditional facial — but that’s not true.

Dermal fillers and Botox are medical treatments that can lead to complications if administered by an unlicensed, inexperienced person. Although uncommon, all injections carry the risk of infection. Dr. Naik not only knows how to avoid this and takes meticulous precautions to preserve your health and safety, but he also knows exactly what to do should you experience any complications. 

It’s your face

The reason you want Botox or fillers — or both — is to improve your looks. So why risk lopsided results, unnecessary bruising and swelling, or infection by going with an amateur? 

When you’re ready to rejuvenate your face with Botox and fillers, come to the licenced, legal, and experienced expert in Bakersfield, California — Dr. Naik at New Life Aesthetics. Call us today to schedule your appointment

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