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Will Laser Hair Removal Allow Me to Never Have to Shave Again?

Will Laser Hair Removal Allow Me to Never Have to Shave Again?

How do you get rid of unwanted hair? And how often do you have to repeat that method? If you’re like most people, you’ve tried various methods over the years searching for the one that’s convenient, painless, safe, and long-lasting. 

Nearly 2 million men and women have discovered that laser hair removal checks all the boxes.

At New Life Aesthetics in Bakersfield, California, Dr. Nirav Naik and our team offer state-of-the-art laser hair removal technology that allows you to ditch your razors, waxes, and creams for good. Here’s a comparison of the most common hair removal methods and a closer look at laser technology. 

Hair removal methods

Most people have been dealing with unwanted hair since puberty and are still searching for the holy grail of hair removal methods. Here’s a look at what most people try.


From beards, to pits, to legs and bikini lines, shaving takes care of hair just about anywhere. The problem is that shaving only cuts the hairs at the surface of your skin. This leaves a blunt tip at the end of the shaft that makes regrowth more noticeable.

Shaved hair also reappears quickly, so you need to repeat the process daily to keep the skin smooth. And if you’re not careful, razors can easily nick your skin.


Waxing gives you a hair-free look for a little longer because it rips the hair right out of its follicle. Regrowth takes awhile, but you can count on it.

Unless you have a high tolerance for pain, waxing probably isn’t for you. The hot wax can burn your skin, and the removal method can be excruciating. It can also leave you prone to bumpy skin, ingrown hairs, and infections. 


Although tedious, plucking individual hairs is less painful than yanking out large sections with hot wax, but it takes a long time. This method is best suited for small areas like your brows — not so much for your legs.


Hair removal creams have been around a long time, and they often seem like a smart way to get rid of hair. After all, you simply slather on the cream, wait for a while, and then wipe it — and your hair — away. But depilatory creams contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin, and they smell awful.


Like plucking or tweezing, threading pulls out your unwanted hair, but the method is unique in that it uses thin twisted threads that roll over the area and grab hair in its path. Again, it’s great for brows but not practical for larger areas.


Electrolysis destroys individual hair follicles with a burst of an electrical current. The administrator inserts a tiny needle into each hair follicle to burn them one by one. Electrolysis can be quite painful, and it takes several sessions to completely treat an area. It may also cause skin discoloration.

Laser hair removal — a better way 

The team at New Life Aesthetics uses the latest laser hair removal technology — Icon® laser system with the SkinTel® melanin reader

You can expect to feel a slight snapping sensation as the laser device glides over your skin and gently destroys the hair follicles below. But compared to electrolysis and waxing, laser hair removal feels like a dream.

The laser energy targets the pigment in your hair — with great precision, thanks to the SkinTel melanin reader — and renders your hair follicles incapable of producing hair in the future. 

Because the device targets visible hair and hair grows in phases, you’ll need about six sessions spaced about a month apart to ensure you treat all of your hair as it emerges through the growth stages. 

Occasionally, you may notice stray hairs here and there in an area that’s been treated with a laser, but they’re usually very light and very thin. Some people may need to go back for touch-up laser treatments from time to time. 

The bottom line is: Yes, laser hair removal allows you to never shave again. If you’re interested in laser hair removal, schedule an appointment by calling us today.

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